Litesquare takes advantage of the logged information already collected and tracked by your web server, but not all of the information collected is output to the logs by default. For Litesquare analysis we have a minimum set of fields that we look for in an HTTP Access log

  • Request Time
  • Host - Typically the IP address of the requesting host
  • Request - Typically the URL. Parameters which follow the '?' symbol are optional
  • HTTP Status - the 2xx-5xx HTTP status code for the request
  • User Agent String - Contains information about operating system, versions, language support, etc...
  • Time Taken
  • It is common for all web servers to collect by default nearly all of the data above, with the exception of the time-taken field. To add "Time Taken" for common web servers please see below. After incorporating the time-taken field we recommend collecting production data for a minimum of 24 hours for analysis purposes.

    Microsoft IIS

    By Default Microsoft leverages the w3c extended log format. The "time-taken" field is a part of this log format model, but it is not enabled by default. We recommend adding the "time-taken" field as the last item in the log format. This field is available in versions 6.0 and later of IIS. Please refer to your specific version of IIS for information on how to modify the log format to include additional fields


    Within your Apache configuration file, locate the log format used for your web application or site. Modify the Log format in use to include the following reference as the last field in your log format



    "Lighty" uses the same log format as Apache, but does not support the precision of "%D." For Lighttpd, use "%T" as a replacement for "%D" in log format.



    Please refer to system documentation for your version of JBOSS/TOMCAT for information on how to enable HTTP access logs and the appropriate files to modify for your version. Both application servers support similar log directives to Apache. Include the following element as the last item in the HTTP access log format.



    Modify the format used for your HTTP access logs to include the following directive as the last element"